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Originally Posted by ZoneBlitzer View Post
I'm not. But he hasn't been as clutch of late. He used to be Mr. Clutch. And now, I haven't been feeling so good about our chances the last couple of seasons when the ball is in his hands. I think things are evening out for him and he's turning into a latter day Brett Favre.
I'm totally with you on the Big Ben becoming Brett Favre comparison.

- -Too reluctant to change.
-- Wants to do "backyard football" way too much.
-- Throws costly interceptions when the game is on the line.
-- Stuck in the past.
--Too many people want to make him a legend that isn't necessarily justified (despite 3 SB appearances).

I've defended this guy since the beginning but now I fear that his best days are behind him and isn't this elite superstar anymore that we've all made him out to be. I used to get angry when people didn't mention BB in the top 5 QB's but now I definitely see that in fact he never belonged there.
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