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Default Re: Fire Tomlin

I will be more specific about what I didn't like this game and other things I didn't like all year.

1. Again, we rotated RB's instead of letting one stay in rythm. Dwyer had some big runs and even Mendy put 1 or 2 up in there. This is absolute fucking nonsense. We had 4 games this year with a feature runner and in 3 of the 4 we had 100 yard rushing games. Do I need to tell anyone whether we won or lost those 3 games? Before I go on I should say how I define feature runner which is, an RB with a minimum of say.....17-20 carries. Give or take. So my numbers may be slightly off in the give or take portion but it is close enough to strongly consider when making coaching decisions. (this also counts as a thing I didn't like during the season).

2. Sticking with the RB thing for a minute....Redman had 2 runs today where he converted short yardage. A third down run and a 4th down run. Now I have said it before and I will say it again, he has a near perfect percentage in converting those short yardage plays. During this game there was a time when it was 3rd and 2 (after Redman had converted earlier in the game) and we run Rashard Mendenhall as opposed to Isaac Redman. Terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible call. Even puting Redman aside, Mendenhall is our softest running back. When you are trying to put the ball up the middle you choose the HARDEST running back. Tomlin did the exact opposite.

3. You have all probably heard my opinion enough on this.....But did anyone notice who the RB was for that last play of the game when we needed a miracle or something major? I'll help you out. His name is Isaac Redman. And yes I know, he ended up throwing it to the other team but that happens pretty much every time those plays are called. My point is, look at who the go to guy was. So where was he the rest of the game? Like the time we were in the redzone (keep in mind Redmans nickname is Redzone for a reason) and Redman was on the sideline while our other backs lost yards and we ended up out of the redzone.

4. The decisions on the FG's. Ealier in the season late in the game we had a chance at a 54 yard FG or a punt. Tomlin chose to let Shuisam try it when he should be well aware there is no leg for that kind of kick on the man. He misses and we lose after giving the opponent good field position. Same scenario tonight but fortunately our defense held. That doesn't make the decision any less terrible however. If we had backed them up with a punt that helps our later field position and maybe gets us the score to win the game. These 2 field goal calls might just piss me off more than the whole RB thing.

5. Our team lacks discipline and consistency which has to go on the coach. He was hard on the RB's but let everyone else who made mistakes float on by. If you are going to be hard on one guy you need to be hard on the rest. The team just seemed uninspired during a lot of games like there was no real life in us. A coach should be able to change that if they want to keep their job.

Anyway, I am tired of even talking about it. If I think of more later I will add to it.
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