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Originally Posted by PhantomJB93 View Post
This has nothing to do with Tomlin being a bad coach and this has nothing to do with Haley being a bad OC. The Broncos, Cowboys, and Bungals losses are direct results of Ben making boneheaded decisions when the game was on the line in his hands. The Raiders loss was all on the defense, which hadn't hit its stride yet and obviously improved into an elite (when healthy) unit soon after. The Browns loss was an anomaly because of all the ridiculous turnovers and Batch being rusty. The Ravens loss was on special teams and Ben being injured. The only loss I'd blame Tomlin for is the Titans loss where going for the ridiculous field goal was ill advised.

I'm tired of idiots trying to run Tomlin out of town for one or two bad seasons. The guy's here for the long haul. He's taken us to two Super Bowls and won one. There's no better coach out there for us. This season was a combination of injuries (Ben, OLine, Ike, Troy, Harrison, Woodley), personnel issues (RB, CB), outright poor play (Wallace, Brown, Ben, backup CBs), and maybe one or two ill-advised decisions by Tomlin. Every coach makes some stupid gambles that don't pay off, but nobody gets completely scapegoated for it as the only reason for a team's failure like Tomlin does around here.
I am of the humble opinion that a game is not decided on one play.
Injuries? Again? It is not a fluke when you keep having so many injuries. You are being outplayed. Dallas came out more physical in the first quarter. The chargers played more physical the entire game. This is a matter of not being ready to play which lies on coaching.

Anyway. Ben is her for the long haul. More so than Tomlin.
If next season is a repeat of this one, Ben stays, Tomlin probably goes.

Injuries/being out played
Unforced Bone headed mistakes
Bad play calling
Bad preparation and game planning.

Our main problem was coaching this year. Ben throwing 2 lousy timed interceptions in games that should have been put away by then does not change that.
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