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Default Re: Fire Tomlin

I'm from Newport News, Va, where Tomlin is from. Being a lifelong Steelers fan; I had my reservations about him being named head coach. The SB win relieved some of them. But now here we are. The press conferences after the games, make me sick. He acts like a guy who is trying to show the world how intelligent he is, and he never really says anything relavent about the game . He acts like it's no big deal when we lose;"we'll go back to work next week"; I've heard that till I'm sick of it.

My other BIG observation is; when Ben came into the league, before his success, he was more disaplined, and played a much more fundamental game. I understand that he has dealt with terrible blocking much of the time, and he has made some great plays for us by extending the plays when it was needed, but I think he is listening to the hype too much now, about how he is such a play maker, ect. He has gotten completely away from any fundamental football, and our offense looks like a sandlot offense.

I too think Tomlin "Switzered" in, and I really don't forsee any change next year. I think he simply doesn't get it. We need a Belicheck type guy that says either you make the plays or I'll get someone who will. Our team is SOFT. I can tell what every play is going to be before it's ran. Haley is not the answer either. I hope he moves on. All the BA haters have egg on their faces now too. I beg the Rooney's to make some drastic changes, and bring "STEELER" football back!

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