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Default Re: Fire Tomlin

Talkin' about 'Switzerizing" the HC job back in '06, and this has been mentioned countless times.
But, WHY, oh why, did Cowher/Rooney/whoever NOT give the HC job to the "Wiz", back in 06. ???!!!
Grimm/Shwimm, we could have just dumped him later. I dunno ?
I could never understand it fully, and I guess I never will.

"...they decided they didn't want to hire an HC within the Steelers' organization..." , huh?, that never did cut it with me as an excuse, even back then.
and now, it has become a very s-t-u-p-i-d management decision !

I'm dead certain, Cowher felt this team was gonna grab a couple more rings...? Cowher, didn't want, after 15 years, in this pressure-cooker of an HC job anymore, due to family, personal matters,..., fine. I don't deny the man that, and I respect his decision for not staying on as HC.

But why Tomlin, was Tomlin the nice little "yes" man that Steelers\' Management finally wanted ?
ya I know, but we won another SB (actually, LeBeau's DEFENSE had a lot more to do with that win than ppl want to admit!)
so Tomlin is ...., is what ?.
Tomlin inherited a SB calibre team that gelled, that "LeBeau", and Cowher handbuilt from scratch. In fact NO change was made anywhere else in coaching -even Arians' got to stay on, ... ?
Again, none of this makes sense, bringing in a Mike Switzer back then aka, just a "players' coach" -nonetheless, as he has obviously been proved to be now.

Will Tomlin grow through the heat and fire to become a good coach for the Steelers?. Who really knows?
But right now, crap travels UPHIL:L:, the buck stops at the HC position. Sooooo,...

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