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Default Re: Hire Arians!

How did Bruce Arians suck? Well, for starters, he thought going into a tropical storm and letting Ben throw it 40 times in 45+ mph winds was a fantastic gameplan strategy and one that was going to bring victories.

Truth be told, everything he did here in Pittsburgh was bad. Everything. Playcalling, being too buddy-buddy with Ben and his coaching style didn't fit. Now, he's succeeding with a future hall-of-fame WR and rookie sensation - which isn't bullshit, mind you - and people are clamoring over him as if he's the reason they're winning. They're not playing for Bruce Strong - it's Chuck Strong and even with all that moment behind him, Bruce once again showed why isn't shit by getting his ass handed to him by Belichick and Brady. Sorry, elite coaches don't give up 60 points and then win awards - that's bullshit.

I should have known these threads were coming. One bad season and we all lose our shit and start pissing our pants. We're not Oakland fans here, guys. We don't rotate through coaches and lose our shit after one season - that's just not how it works. Man, I would've hated seeing these boards after Cowher went 6 - 10 and 7 - 9 in consecutive seasons.
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