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Default Re: A Bit Confused Over The Hate

Some on here do seem to relish the drama of an unsuccessful season (any season ending without another Lombardi). Others see only the light Black and Gold glasses emit. Truth is we are not going to be a great team every year, even a good team, the longer Cowher stays gone the better his career seems. We had some lean years during his tenure and as good as Cowher was his teams only made the big game twice and lost one and won one. But this season had a lot of promise and I was not concerned that we lost to an Oakland or Titan team early, I felt we would struggle some and the offense and the defense did both early. When we started to jell and where at 6-3 I was truly excited about our chances, but Ben's injury and many, many more to key personnel hurt our momentum. We never looked like a team capable of making a post-season run after that. So while I always root for the Steelers now that we are done I say so what if we lose next week. Improve our draft position and hope we can pick up some people that will fit in and help, hope the coaches come up with better game plans, and I personally hope either the Falcons, Vikings, Broncos, or even the Seahawks win the Superbowl.
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