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Originally Posted by mikegrimey View Post
This is why it's so hard to have a serious discussion about Arians here. There are so many hyperbolic, over the top comments about him. "Everything" he did didn't suck. I'm no huge fan, he called some awful games (at Denver in 07 and Cleveland in 09) but he had his share of successes here. For one, he did a good job helping Ben out in his progression as a QB, he also helped develop a lot of mid-late round receivers into a quality starting core. Granted he had weak points, severely under utilizing Heath miller in the red zone was a big one, but he wasn't all bad. A lot of people just made up their mind to dislike him and over analyzed any and every bad thing that happened to our offense as his fault, conversely anything positive was in spite of him, not due to him... The same approach the anti-Wallace fanatics have taken.
WTH are you doing? Having an intelligent post will get you in trouble. You are suppose to grab pitchforks and join the mob outside Arians residence and burn him in effigy. Arians is like Stewart was as QB, not the best but not as bad as most would lead you to believe. 20 years from now some of the Ben bashers will tell their grankids how they watched the greatest QB in Steeler history and will forget about the last two games.
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