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Default Re: Off Season Moves

Originally Posted by Steelers5895 View Post
not sure why you think we wont draft a NT in round one? we will have a HUGE hole their and our 3-4 cant work against the run without our NT demaning double teams. get a clue.

as for wallace, any team with a young QB with cap room will make an offer. Think dolphins, think rams, think cleveland, think jacksonville, think jets. lots of teams.

he was no existant this year and rarely took the top off the coverage. a full off season with Burress and our WRs dont miss a step.
I just explained to you why we won't draft one in the first round. Again, they wouldn't have kept Ta'amu if they thought they could just replace him, especially after all his legal issues. Obviously they see something in him and thought it was worth it despite the bad PR it was bringing them. We have bigger needs than NT on this defense. When McLendon is on the field, he requires two guys - Hampton doesn't anymore. We have bigger and much more pressing needs than NT - a position we have two young and explosive guys at.

Regarding Wallace - he rarely took the top off defenses because under Haley's system, he's required to run underneath routes and intermediate gains - something he isn't good at. Square peg, round hole.

I didn't mean to "put you down", but you have to look at our actual needs and who we have on our roster behind our veteran guys and see their production and potential. NT isn't a need, but OLB, ILB and FS/SS are.
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