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Originally Posted by casteeler View Post
What did Noll in '88 and Cower in 2000 not have that Tomlin has had? Take a look at the roster. Pro bowl/Championship players is the answer. Tomlin was handed a Superbowl quality team and has failed miserably at rebuilding. Tomlin cannot motivate or prepare this team properly week to week and this didn't start this season, I don't have the answer on a replacment coach but this team will not become the disciplined,well rounded team we all have enjoyed until some coaching changes and additude adjustments are made
Yep. Bingo. I've been saying it since 2009. Players coaches don't last long in professional sports. It's unlikely Tomlin will change his stripes, so I'm afraid that the Steelers are in for a long few years. I pray that I'm wrong.
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