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Default Re: Off Season Moves

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
I love when people have no clue what they're talking about when it comes to draft needs and/or possible draft prospects.

We're not drafting a NT in the first round. If we thought we could replace Ta'amu in another draft, we wouldn't have put him on the practice squad after the legal issues. Second, this class is too heavily defensive favored to draft an offensive player before the fifth round. Third, we're not resigning Dwyer. Overweight and out-of-shape running backs aren't my style and they shouldn't be the Steelers' style, either. It's time to move on from Captain 3 yards per carry.

Regarding free agency, they're going to resign Wallace. I'd like for you to name a team that will give Wallace more than 10 million a year in terms of a 5 year / 50 million dollar deal. The Steelers will match it, and if any team wants to give him more than that, be my guest.
Agree completely. Who would feel comfortable with just Brown and Sanders as our tandem next year? The young fumble crew. I hate to admit it but we need Wallace

First round i want a pass rusher, be it a DE or OLB, everyone has seen enough of Ziggy Hood and Harrison may be gone unless he takes a pay cut. The fact is we get no pressure. Our secondary still had a great season despite that fact just imagine how good we could be if we got that one stud (eg JJ Watt, Geno Atkins, Ngata). I know im dreaming but still..

2nd and 3rd round need to target an ILB and a safety. Nobody knows how long troy is going to last and Clark is getting up there in digits, its time for a young guy to come in and learn under those two guys. Mundy clearly isnt the guy and Will Allen is a band aid despite the excellent season he did have.

Go after a running back in the 4th or 5th and a linebacker with the other, inside or outside doesnt matter we need depth.

Not a college ball fan so you will all have to help with me with specific players we should be looking at. That is my wish list at least

Also agree with your assessment of McLendon. He POPS when he is on the field he gets tremendous push and i feel very comfortable with him getting more snaps at NT. He should have gotten way more snaps this season to be honest
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