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Default Re: A Bit Confused Over The Hate

Originally Posted by plenewken View Post
It is precisely because we have watched great Steelers teams for years that we have a hard time accepting the fact that they have fallen so low. If it was due to lack of talent, it would be a good reason but it's mostly because of lack of effort, poor attitude, lack of discipline, no focus, and terrible management (coaching).
After 15 games this season, I will say that besides 2 games (in Baltimore and in NY), the 13 others have been been garbage.

I hope the Rooneys see the writing on the wall and act quickly and swiftly. Some players don't deserve to wear a Steelers jersey and others need to have their @ss kicked before they're allowed to wear it again.
The entire Coaching staff has also to be held accountable for this debacle.
The economic argument for NFL teams is interesting. The more loyal the fans are, the less (economic) incentive there is for the team to actually improve. If some owner knew that he would sell out the stadium every week and sell plenty of merchandise despite going 7-9 or 8-8 or 9-7 every year, what's the economic incentive to improve the team? (Of course some owners have pride in the team and want to be good regardless of economics.)

Not saying that everyone should think of the NFL only as a business, but the NFL sure thinks of itself that way these days, so perhaps settling for a subpar product is unwise.

Of course this doesn't necessarily apply to the Steelers ownership. We'll see what happens going forward.

And it is easy to be spoiled as a Steeler fan with all their success. On the other hand, it's been a long time since I first sat through the Steelers losing to a crap team. One of the first ones I remember was the first ever game vs the Jaguars, back in 1995 (a crap expansion team that ended up 4-12)--yes, the Steelers managed to lose to a horrible expansion team. So this frustration with sloppy play, dropped passes, timeouts wasted in the 3rd quarter, and in general playing down to the competition goes back a long time.
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