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Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
He's 6'7 245 and runs a 4.5. I agree with you, having a smaller guy is ideal but this guy makes up for it with his strength and speed. Think Aldon Smith, but less polished. I'm usually luke-warm at best regarding prospects coming into the NFL - especially on a defense like LeBeau's - this kid could break Strahan's sack record in his second season in the NFL.

I could throw you a couple YouTube links on this kid if you want - he's going to be for real.
I know you and others are really high on Dion Jordan ... but the guy has 14.5 sacks at college career 4 fumble force 0 int and 2 pass deflection and 29 tackles for loss... I know he could potentially turn into a beast and what not ... but to say he'll fix the pass rush in 1 year is a bit foolish I think ... And I've watched tape and I am no where near as high on him as you are

and also while somebody like Kyle Van Noy has 20.5 sacks in 3 years ... 4 INT and 13 pass deflections ... 41 tackles for loss and 10 FF ... and can be had in a trade back scenario to gather more draft picks , and maybe even had in the 2nd round ...and our OLB aren't just asked to pass rush they are asked to drop back in coverage more then most 3-4 OLB and that's something Van Noy proved he can do along with rushing the passer

if your talking potential Yes Dion Jordan may have a higher upside ... but I think I like Van Noy more then Jordan ... not to mention Van Noy has a nack for making a big play when his team needs it
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