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Default Re: Off Season Moves

Originally Posted by Chadmagic View Post
Here is who has to go and why:

Harrison-Age/ injuries
Polamalu- Age/ injuries
Woodley- Lack of talent
Foote - age/ unprodutive
Adams - Inuries (hasn't finished any of the last 3 seasons)
Wallace- lack of talent (doesn't come back to the ball or even try to)
Mendy- lack of talent (stutter steps and dances too much)
I assume you mean Colon (not Adams), and if so I agree.

Harrison is overpriced and washed up. He's gone.

Polamalu will be back, but if he misses significant time agian next year, it should be his last.

Woodley has been terrible all year, but he'll be back.

Wallace needs to be back. I hate him as much as anyone, but the Steelers need him. Brown isn't a #1 WR, and Sanders can't stay on the field.

Mendy needs to go. He's an average back and a headcase. There should be plenty of FAs comparable to him, and cheaper.
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