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Default Re: Off Season Moves

Originally Posted by zshelhamer View Post
Foote played well this year, I hope we bring him back for a year or two so we can draft an ILB early and groom him behind Foote.

I also think Harrison is being paid too much and will be let go. Polamalu should consider retirement because of his health the past few years, I see him as a guy who wants to go out on his own terms, not when he physically cannot go anymore. Resigning Lewis is priority number one, as he is going to be a solid DB for the foreseeable future.

Also, we need to resign Mendy (as much as I dislike the guy, we need to offer him at least a one year contract. He didn't play great this year, but the dude was coming off a torn ACL and most runners don't recover their ability to cut for at least a year and a half to two years. Give him one last chance).

Resign Sanders and either Dwyer/Redman for depth. We need to at least offer Wallace a decent contract. We may not like him, but his speed is what keeps the defense from sticking 11 guys near the line of scrimmage.

As for the coaches, Tomlin will not be fired (although after his AWFUL decision making this year, he should at least be on the hot seat), Haley may go to Arizona? and I think LeBeau will be back for another year. The Strength and Conditioning coach and ST coach both need to be fired.

However, these are the Steelers, so I'm very worried nothing will change in the offseason. The old players that need to be let go will just restructure their contracts and come back for another season. The coaches that need to be fired will be back on the sidelines next year. We will field basically the same team next year and will have the same problems we have had the past few years with injuries and a lack of turnovers.

There is always hope though. Here's to a long and hopefully productive offseason
mendy after his antics sealed his fate along with wallace. you can be disruptive if you are producing. heck, even when you are producing the steelers will not take disruption, just ask santonio holmes. how much we miss him in a big spot?

mendy and wallace are gone. you can get a jackie battle or joque bell for a 3rd of what mendy will want without the fumbles.
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