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Default Re: Off Season Moves

Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
For the time being, yes. Plax will be relatively cheap compared to Wallace and will likely outperform him. That's not a popular opinion, but Wallace is a one trick pony who has shown nothing for the last year and a half, meanwhile Plax is a big target who knows how to run routes. Paying Wallace even as much as Brown is a joke. That's basically telling Brown that you can half ass it and drop passes all the time and still get however much money you ask for. Rooney and Colbert aren't that stupid, Wallace will be gone. Wallace is overrated, Cotchery looked better then he did today. Somebody will be stupid enough to pay him the money and I hope he takes it right away. If we can't get by on offense with Cotchery, Brown, Sanders, Heath, and Plax then they need to do some serious house cleaning.
we can get a fast deep threat in the draft and develop him. brown and sanders werent overly productive until year 2. we have shown we can find good wrs in mid rounds. his play was so bad this year, he isnt worth tagging as no one will give up a pick for him. he will be like many others who just leave and we get nothing in return. well, we will hopefully get a new starter who plays hard and holds on to the ball.
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