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Default Re: Fire Tomlin

I believe with all my heart that Mike is a good guy, and would probably be a good contributor to the steeler coaching staff; just not as HC. He claims he understands the steeler fans, but I don't really think he really knows just how important the steelers are to their fans. I'm not even living in the city, or the state of Pa, but I ache after every loss, and rejoice after every win.

When he sits there at the press confs., and gives some lame speech about "the men", ect, ect; I just want to scream. He needs to get on camera and rake players, and/or coaches over the coals. This "we'll get 'em next year" crap aint cuttin' it. We are a franchise that deems anything less than a serious run at the SB as a failure of a season.

How can Belicheck take new players year in and year out and mold them into a real good team? because failure is unacceptable. I have nothing against Tomlin as a person, but there have been some very good assistant coaches who couldn't suceed as HC, and I think Mike might be one. For the guys who talk about him guiding us to 2 SB's; he had a SB team already assembled around him, and it's gone down hill ever since.Why? We're too soft!

The NFL channel has been running episodes of the steeler teams of the 70's all day yesterday, and those guys would tear your head off to get to the top. There was a fire burning deep inside then. I think the flame is but a flicker now, and this makes at least 2 years of it in a row. The HC isn't making it happen on the field or in the locker room. I love my steelers but right now I'm ashamed.

I love Troy for all he's done for us; what a gifted player he has been, but his body is done; he can't play the game anymore, and he's not the only one. We are injured all the time, and our staff obviously isn't good enough to prepare, or replace our reserves. I'm done now, and unfortunately; so are the steelers this year.
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