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Default Tomlin Getting Bad Rap

I am big believer in Mike Tomlin.

He has gotten us to two super bowls and won one. can't remove that from his resume. You can say it was Cowher's team BUT lets not forget Cowhers early success was from Chuck Noll draft classes. Once Cowhers players were replacing the ones from Noll, we went through a tough spell (1998-2000).

I think the same with Tomlin. The thing is, Tomlin is in a tough spot. Dick Lebeau's defense is no longer dominant. it doesnt make big plays, get pressure or turnovers. It has blown more leads then held in the last 3 seasons. We need a fresh, new defense BUT that would mean having to clean house and get players who fit the new scheme. Doing that means giving up a year of success while in transition.

Or, stay with Lebeau and keep the older, under producing players because it is such a complicated scheme that if you try and bring in younger players you will also give up a year in transition.

On offense, he was told to bring in Haley. He said all the right things but that wasnt his hire.

As for game decisions. I dont see many head scratching decisions. He challenges too quickly on plays the team should be able to overcome but his logic behind his decisions at his press conferences make sense. Just like the FG attempt today. Suisham has been hot and I was ok with the risk.

As for personnel. he drafted wallace, brown, sanders, pouncey, cortez allen, timmons, woodley, mendy, curtis brown and many other contributors.

The one thing i dont see that I would like to see more of is some of his ex players coming to Pitt. Only mewelde moore so far. I hope that changes and Percy Harvin is a Steeler in 2013.

I like Tomlin and he is here to stay and I am fine with that.
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