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Default Re: Big Ben Comebacks

Originally Posted by Cherinko View Post
I have read this phrase 19 times today. You are like a politician with a talking point. Two weeks in a row Ben has concluded with game clinching interceptions (hitting two DB's in the hands). In every loss this season other than the one today, he has attempted at least 40 passes. He is not 'handcuffed' by anything other than his inability to read defenses and his unwillingness to throw the ball away. Ben is not the weak point of this team but he is not the infallible hero you make him out to be. He is the quarterback and it is a quarterback driven league. He bears responsibility. It is ok to criticize him.
And how many of those were bubble screens and checkdowns? Don't look too much into pass/run ratio as it does not tell the entire story. They hardly let him go down field unless it's the last two minutes of the half or the last two minutes of the game.

I agree it's a quarterback league. Someone should inform the Steelers of that.
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