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Default Re: Who's the Better Leader?

Funny how people are talking about how great Terry is now. Back in the day, he was hated because he was the star QB. Yinzer nation never passed up a chance to diminish him - until he was gone and you realized the team couldn't win.

Same thing with Ben. Right now many of yinz are mad at him. Many of you don't want to talk about his touchdown pass to Holmes in the Super Bowl, but instead you'd rather talk about every single bad throw he's made. You'll think of him as an interception machine because of his bad game in Oakland in 2006. Many years from now, perhaps after a subpar Steelers season, you'll be talking about how great he was and how terrible some young, franchise Steelers QB is.

I think I now understand why Bradshaw stayed away from Pittsburgh for a while after he retired.
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