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Originally Posted by jiminpa View Post
He wasn't hard on the running backs, (plural), he was hark on the running back, (singular), the one who is the best chance of the running game doing any good. I have no problem with either Dwyer or Redman behind a FB in short yardage situations, but in situations where you need at least four yards and could use a breakaway Mendenhall is the only RB on the roster for that. Tomlin has to know that, and if he doesn't he has no business coaching, and if he does he has no business coaching.
No, he was definitely hard on all of the backs. Earlier in the season Dwyer had a fumble and Tomlin called him out in front of the team in the film room and Dwyer ended up inactive for a week or 2. Then you get to the Browns game where every back got 1 mistake before they were benched.

I think how he handled Mendenhall was fine for a multitude of reasons. In fact, that was one of the few things he actually got right this year. And frankly, you are wrong about Mendenhall.

He is physically more gifted than any of the other backs, but it amounts to very little the way he has been running. Today was the first time in a long time I can remember him running hard. He has very little toughness (which our team is built on) and pretty poor ball handeling at times when it counts. He isn't a great blocker and has a bad attitude as seen in not showing up for the team in San Diego.

As for not being able to bounce outside or get the big runs....

Last year Mendenhall had 3 carries of 20 or more on 228 carries.

This year Dwyer had 3 carries of 20 or more on 121 carries and his career long is 76 yards. So he can break the big ones. And in case you didn't watch todays game, he had the speed to take outside for 10 or more yards.

Last year Redman had 3 carries of 20 or more on 110 carries and this year he had 3 of 20 or more on 101 carries. And in case you missed last week, he bounced one outside for 22 yards.

So all things considered, there really isn't even an argument to be made for Mendenhall at this point.
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