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Default Re: Official Game Goat Thread

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
Actually, yeah he kind of is. Without him, 8-8 will look like a championship season.

So bubble screens are an effective strategy? Tell me, what have they led to?

Time to come out of the 70's.
So when he retires, or gets traded to jacksonville, or Detroit to collect a paycheck for his first two years of retirement the Steelers are going to fold up? Sell the team, Ben's gone. Yeah, no! You do realize that he led the offense to give up more points than it scored in at least three of those losses this year, and that the offense didn't look any worse with him out than it has since he came back.

He's not the franchise he is just an employee, and Steelers will be going for Lombardi's long after he's trying to trade home-burnt copies of the final drive of Superbowl 43 for free beers, and trying to convince menopausal women that he used to be a great football player, and that they should know who he is, while you are holding protest marches in Canton lobbying for his nomination to the hall of fame.
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