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Default Re: Who's the Better Leader?

Originally Posted by jiminpa View Post
Ben would need two star seasons to be Bradshaw's towel boy.

It took Terry a while for things to slow down in front of him, and once that happened he was everything he had boasted he would be, but he wasn't boasting anymore. Bradshaw willingly grew into the position and kept growing. Bradshaw called the plays within Chuck Noll's scheme, and did it the way Chuck wanted it done. He didn't whine and cry about them not being the plays he thought were fun. He did his job he did it well, and he earned respect. I have never heard of any of the other players telling the wait staff to spit in Terry's drinks.

BR, is none of those, and the other players pretty much hate him.
jiminpa, continues to be the master of BS.

But, lets say you're right about Bradshaw. Doesn't change the fact that yinzer nation bashed him at every opportunity they could while neglecting his achievements. Some Steeler fans, deep down, whether it's Ben or Terry, want the star QB to fail so they can blame everything on him. Dimwits like you do it every time. They don't realize how silly they sound until they're QBs are Brister, O'Donnell, Stewart, or some other scrub not worth mentioning.
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