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Big Ben is the main reason this team lost the past two games; he doesn't like Todd Haley, his play on the field pretty much indicates that as well. Another thing is this, Big Ben extends the play too much; he extends the play when the play doesn't even have to be. He doesn't play the position like the average QB, this season has came back to bite him in the A$$.

However, I have to agree, Tomlin has made some idiotic coaching decisions this season. Sometimes I wonder W.T.F. is he thinking? General Coaching Philosophy 101, he needs to take his A$$ back to school and take the course again, and again, and again! His players are too undisciplined; Rashard Mendenhall has no respect for him. If they resign him, dumb move by the Front Office, period. I'm sure Mr. Rooney has plenty of notes to talk to Tomlin after the season. And I'm so sick and tired of this idiot saying "I went with the play, I had a gutt feeling." W.T.F? Are you kidding me? Gut Feeling? No! Use some simple logic when making those decisions.

No, Tomlin will not be fired, because of his resume he has earned himself a couple more seasons. However, he better be aware of these things going into 2013; and another thing, I'm sick of seeing his happy go face attitude on the sideline, then when the team loses he goes N2 the press conferences as though he is upset. Are you kidding me?

I will say this though, injuries has plagued this team all year long. Strength & Conditioning Coaches? Where the Hell Are You? Pack your bags and hit the road. I'm not going to even lie, I was hoping this team missed the playoffs, they need some quality picks in the draft. This team isn't as good as they continue to think they are. Hopefully they will blow it again next week so they can pick near the top 10.

And the GM? Can you please select some quality players rounds 3-5 that can possibly make the team and provide some support? Ok, I'm done venting.
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