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Default Re: Connecticut school shooting

Originally Posted by JPPT1974 View Post
It is about using the guns responsibly. As it isn't the guns themselves. But the people using them. As you have to be very careful. And really lock up guns or take out the bullets or the cartlidges out.
To make sure that it is a safety issue. That they are hidden out of view. Hiding them in a place where nobody will find them at all.
Where young children can mistake it for a toy. When it is really not.
It is about safety and about not using them for foolish gain. Plus using them in a responsible way.
Even though I am terrified of any kind of weapons no matter what kind of gun. Even a toy gun freaks me out!
I agree. I think we should take the bullets out and hide all of the guns in a deep hole in the ground, preferably on another planet. Then kids will understand that they are not toys.

I'm also curious why Vinny isn't here talking about how all of these almost exclusively white, Christian men committing these atrocities are sub-humans, and posting pseudo-scientific links to back up his claims.
Why does God hate amputees?
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