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Default Re: Tomlin Getting Bad Rap

I don't believe Tomlin has had only one bad season as stated above. I believe he has had a few bad seasons. Also I have yet to see any one or group of players in which he has drafted, hired in to be that lead, that franchise guy-the go to guy-. I have seen Mike acquire players that are not what we need at the time. How many years of us scratching our heads at draft day on poor choices and/or during a game can you set your watch on???? The fact is that each third down we are are going to pass, this is known even in the Canadian League, why? Why did we not say to ourselves before letting Bruce Arians go.....what made Bruce special that we hired him? He took chances his play calling worked to Ben strengths, developed leaders for goodness sake. If you hire on Payton Manning you dont have your OC calling in running plays or not use him for audibles. So why in the world are you trying to change a QB that has led your team to 2 SB's and countless playoffs due to HIS play. Not what pops out of a computer as the next step for our offense. Our defense has been amazing and deserves all the cuddos!! However, its time to move on to different looks and more progressive ideas.When Troy does not really show desire, like he has in the past. When Ben play calls are frustrating him and his performance is affected, we cannot convert. I can see low morale in each and every player. Someone needs to grab these guys by the face mask and get in their faces. The "thus's, Ums, Fors" in past game interviews have got to stop. Stop diverting !!!!! Our previous coach never did that ... he took the heat, and from the loss built leaders on our team. A football team comes from the heart/desire to win and then works it's way outward. Sorry for the rant ....

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