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Default Re: Tomlin Getting Bad Rap

Originally Posted by TheVet View Post
To be fair to Cowher, his teams consistently overachieved given their talent level. Sure they lost some big games, but it was amazing that they got there. Tomlin's had a lot more to work with, and his teams have consistently underachieved.

Cowher also had issues - remember his insane infatuation with Kordell, which lasted several seasons after it became clear that he simply wasn't an NFL QB. But he was an A level coach. Tomlin is mediocre.
Yes I agree , he did fix his attentions to Kordell instead of making moves to ensure a win. But he also designed a mind set within the team of give no ground only take it from them. Fundementals were key and were worked to perfect them. I guess you must look at the faults vs the gains to see who comes out on top. I simply can't tolerate someone to take credit for someone elses hard work and planning like they were involved with the entire process.
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