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Default Re: Off Season Moves

Originally Posted by Steelers5895 View Post
not sure why you think we wont draft a NT in round one? we will have a HUGE hole their and our 3-4 cant work against the run without our NT demaning double teams. get a clue.

as for wallace, any team with a young QB with cap room will make an offer. Think dolphins, think rams, think cleveland, think jacksonville, think jets. lots of teams.

he was no existant this year and rarely took the top off the coverage. a full off season with Burress and our WRs dont miss a step.
A NT in Round 1 would be a huge mistake. There just doesn't appear to be any coming out that appear dominant enough for a 1st round grade. Besides this team has other more pressing needs. Safety is a huge concern, both Troy and Ryan are getting older and there is no body waiting in the wings. W. Allen is a good backup but thats it. Unless they convert one of the CB's to safety. ILB is another area we need an upgrade. Foote played well this year but IMO he is about over. This may seem odd but we may be in position now to draft Te'o. If he is available

I only see Wallace back if he realizes he is not worth 10 mil a year. if he comes in around 7 great. I can also see us bringing back Hoyer for a real good look at backup QB. Mendy and either Dwyer or Redman will be gone, for me I prefer to keep Redman if we can over Dwyer. But if B.Batch can stay healthy he may just be a diamond in the Rough
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