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Default Re: Official Game Goat Thread

I mean, yeah, Ben played bad. He shouldn't have made that throw in the fourth quarter. But, seriously, he can only run the plays that Haley calls also, and that was some pretty $hitty play calling. Cincy loaded the box on first for the run, then expected a slow developing play action on 2nd and then we were in 3rd in 8. The offense was so predictable it was pathetic.

Not only that, but there were huge personnel issues too. Mendenhall should have been in more. There was also a play at one point where we actually attempted to throw the ball on 2nd down and heath and paulson were our wideouts. Seriously!? We've barely thrown the ball all game, wtf is Paulson taking the snap and not brown or wallace? I'm sure I missed others that were like that too. So, really, what is Ben supposed to do with that. Coaches can make quarterbacks look really bad at times, and I think thats what happened more than anything. Haley has to go.
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