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Default Re: Why did we go 1-5 down the stretch?

Originally Posted by Blonde Bomber View Post
The lack of a solid running game hurt us. I am glad we got a look at what Dwyer and Redman so there were no false hopes. I am not sure whatever happened to the Mendenhall that hit the line hard, but I am tired of seeing him dance at the line. A good running game opens up so many possibilities for the QB and Wideouts, hell even Weeden and his WR's looked decent when Richardson was having a good game.

After the last few weeks, I had to keep reminding myself that even a decent running game would keep the chains moving and start beating their Defense down, instead of it being the other way around. Our wide receivers would be the envy of many teams if we could actually sell some play action pass.
I think you really nailed it. We keep hearing about Ben playing so poorly (which he did) but I think a lot of it was because of the running game going no where. You need balance and can't go run run pass each drive if the runs get nothing
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