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Default Re: Madden: Ben's at fault, but he's not the only one

I agree with most of that. I think he wrote it to emphasize the anger towards BR by fans, when in fact, the Steelers have problems in both depth and breadth from the bottom up that need fixed. I like the concept and timbre of the article. What good is a Teutonic and history tradition stepped in tradition if the most visible aspect of the organization, the team, has been going out week after week with the same problems for years?

These problems include injuries, losing in the fourth quarter, coaching controversies, and a total lack of output with the amount of talent on the team. I wish Tomlin would just for once say he is pissed. I don't need him to act pissed, because if he actually says it I will believe him. As much as he accepts responsibility, which for us fans might ring hollow, I think he means it. But at the same time, it is he same response and gesturing. Just tell us you are pissed and do something about it.

Losing is one thing, losing sucks. But to lose the same way, in the same manner, 5 times a year is unacceptable. Especially when pointing up the anemic amount of points the Steelers have over the last two years.
Those are the most insightful words I have heard from Madden. Ever.
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