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Default Re: Madden: Ben's at fault, but he's not the only one

Originally Posted by plenewken View Post
Ben has never been an accurate passer, so let's design plays that leverage his strengths not his weaknesses.
Sorry, but you're wrong. He wasn't at his best the past two weeks, but saying he's not accurate in general is beyond incorrect. Did you know Ben has the same career completion percentage as Joe Montana? And you know what? They have the same net yards per attempt too (adjusted yards per attempt Ben dominates all of the all-time greats).

What that means is that even though he doesn't dink-and-dunk like most QBs (Brady, Manning) his completion percentage is right up there with them - that's pretty amazing. And it also means he's clearly accurate.

I love the Steelers but I'm tired of the fans. Every loss is the end of the world. We're soft and spoiled as a fanbase in general. Every team has down years/rebuilding years.
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