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Default Re: Why did we go 1-5 down the stretch?

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
Ben played poorly, there's no question about that.

But as for who to blame, I put it all on Haley and Tomlin.
When Haley was hired, I said that the worst thing he could do would be to try to turn Ben into a pocket passer or some type of game-manager and that's exactly what he did and Tomlin did little to stop it from happening.

Arians saw in Ben what many people see which is a player who actually prefers to improvise and who plays better when there's no specific plan. He knew that Ben sees the field better when he steps out of the pocket and he allowed him to do that, which is why Arians was often criticized for not seeming to have much of a game plan at all.

But Arians knew that if he tried to keep Ben home, he would lose his creativity and his spontaneity and become a rather boring player and that's exactly what's happened under Haley. That's why Andrew Luck is doing so well because in many ways he's a lot like Ben in that he also likes to "make it up as he goes" and he's had tremendous success in doing just that.

Some QB's are meant to be managed but every now and then a guy comes along who does his best work without a script and Ben is one of those guys. Arians knew it and didn't so much try to game-plan as much as he simply tried to let Ben be Ben.
Haley is too controlling and wants everything to be "his" way and Ben (along with the team) has suffered as a result.
Not Really.

Ben was on pace for his best season yet before the freak shoulder injury put a stop to that. He was so good it would've easily put him in MVP consideration. He came back and he wasn't the same player.

Poor Gameplanning is also another thing. The Offense fell back into bad habits instead of doing what worked out so well. A Quick Passing Game to get Ben hot and letting the Running Game develop as the game went on. Near the end of the year we kept forcing the run and we did "Let Ben be Ben" and lo and behold, he started playing like crap. He was taken off the leash and we paid for it. Ben went from "Plan Early" straight to "Sandlot". His Smart Play disappeared and Bonehead Ben returned.

Ben running all over the place and the offense getting nowhere. BTW, "Successful" Andy Luck is having quite the mediocre season, and more mediocrity is coming his way if it continues.

Not to mention the lackluster effort by the WR core with their misplays, dropped passes, fumbles, and being out of position resulting in interceptions.
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