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Originally Posted by Cyphon View Post
Absolutely. The guy consistently produces as the feature back. Numbers don't lie. You guys can keep ignoring the facts but that seems to be what the coaches did and we didn't even make the playoffs.
Does he consistently produce?? This guy stinks!! You want numbers for your feature back? Here you go. Dallas 9 att 22 yards. San Diego 32 yards.39 yards yesterday. I can keep going. People; take off the glasses that blur the vision. This is the most troubling position on the team. All I know is Mendy is all we have there in terms of talent and everyone wants him gone. Just like Ben; throws a pick and heck let's bring in Sanchez or Tebow. The question the op asked about Plax. Well it doesn't take much to figure out that these coaches don't have a clue. You dress 5 rbs?? Clueless. According to Haleys philosophy; why would you need Plax for anyway when it's RUN RUN SACK?? Sorry Cyphon; not trying to sound off towards you personally. It is apparent to me that this coaching staff wouldn't know what to do with an all star roster
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