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Default Re: Keisel celebration a personal foul

There are many examples of this. I think it was last year Wallace, Brown, or one of those guys jumped on the edge of the first row seats to pose. Excessive celebration was called. Later that day, I saw a Packer do it, I can't remember who it was. No call. Nothing. How about Cruz's 15 second dance? Or backflips? Never called.

Yesterday after a TD Torry Smith jumped up, dunked the ball over the uprights, and hung on the post. They called a "technical." What? That is excessive celebration. Seems dumb.

I am not saying that the refs are against the Steelers. I just want to point out the inconsistency in the application of the rule. It is unethical to apply the rule so haphazardly when things like divisional titles and playoff spots are on the line.

The saying is "Football is a game of inches." I disagree. It is a game of inconsistent and uneven application of confusing rules. And stupidity.

My head will not itch for a long, long time. I have been scratching it all season over the officiating and application of supposed rules.

Originally Posted by Darthslayrr View Post
I was more upset at the personal foul for excessive celebration that Keisel got than their loss for some damn reason. I have seen him do that same move all year long and was shocked as hell when he was flagged. It had to be a knee jerk response to the school shooting even though he imitated a bow and arrow because he us a hunter, not a shotgun.
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