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Default Re: Next week's "Wallce and Mendy pack their sh!7" bowl

Originally Posted by Darkstorm05 View Post
Both will return next year. Mendenhall didn't put up the type of season that gets you a big contract elsewhere, and the team has reached out to him, which they NEVER do during the season. He'll be back.

Wallace has gone downhill the past 1.5 years. Nobody else in the league thought he was worth a #1 last year, and he has worked hard to prove them right. He'll test the waters, and sign a deal about the same as the one Brown took with us to stay here, because that's all he'll get.
Wallace was not worth giving up a #1 pick and a big contract - someone will pay the big $$$ without having to surrender the pick at a number too high for the Steelers to meet given their other needs

Who knows with Mendenhall - I am stunned Tomlibn activated him after Mendenhall blew off teh San Diego game

With Mendenhall, Wallace and Ben being unhappy about either $$$ or a departed coach, the attitude of this team was awful all season - I am glad it ended without a blowout playoff loss
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