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Default Re: Why did we go 1-5 down the stretch?

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
Im so sick of hearing this. Rodgers has just as bad of a line. There were a few sacks were the defense just shot right in but Ben had 3 seconds or more on a lot of throws and thats all you can ask for
I actually found a site that is doing some time comparisons on the lines and QB's. Since everyone is always arguing this here, it might be interesting to a few of you.

First, the average "Time to throw" stat, and the explanation of what it measures...

"We record the time from when the ball is snapped to the point where the quarterback has either thrown a pass or can no longer throw a pass (has been sacked or has scrambled past the line of scrimmage)."

QB Seconds
Ben 2.73
Brady 2.49
Eli 2.59
Rodgers 2.76
Manning 2.51

Now, we compare with the following number, which is the average time between the snap to a sack...

QB Seconds
Ben 2.56
Brady 3.26
Eli 3.04
Rodgers 3.62
Manning 2.5

And finally, here's a percentage of snaps where a given QB gets the ball out in under 2.5 seconds...

QB %
Ben 50
Brady 59.1
Eli 52
Rodgers 52
Manning 55.3

So based on this, Ben gets less time than everyone but Manning, but also holds onto the ball the longest. Unfortunately for the "Brady would do just as bad here" crowd, that doesn't seem to be the case. While they do longer from their lines(Except Manning), these numbers suggest that if Eli, Peyton, or Brady took over for Ben, they would still do just as good, because they routinely get the ball away faster than our protection allows pass rushers in.
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