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Default Re: Madden: Ben's at fault, but he's not the only one

Originally Posted by plenewken View Post
You guys believe what you want about Ben. I believe he's not an accurate passer, neither in the pocket nor outside the pocket. His wobbly ball isn't the easiest to catch, even when it has the distance.
He's a scrambler./gunslinger, not the high completion % kinda guy. He can make something happen out of nothing but can also make nothing happen out of something.

It's my opinion and I'm not asking you to agree with it.
You most welcome to your opinion, but do not complain when people disagree with you.

Ben has not played well since he came back, but before that, he was having an MVP type season. The Steelers were amazing on third down cause of him, he was very accurate with the ball.

I think the injury is hurting him more than what he is leading on, which might be a first for Big Ben. He usually exaggerates his injuries.

I also have a theory (a bit of a joke though) that since his child was born, he does not get much sleep. Its a bit of hyperbole.

This team has talent, I think that our Oline will be set for the next few years; beachum has played pretty well for a 7th round rookie, and even though Decastros second game back was a disaster of sorts, I think he will be fine.
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