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Default Re: Madden: Ben's at fault, but he's not the only one

Ben has played 3 1/2 games less than those guys. He was having a Pro Bowl year before he was injured. And if you want to dissect the stats, we can do that:

Take a look at the way each respective offense is designed and the concept behind each. Totally different. Ben can make the plays when he needs to. Just like in years past, he has started out good, was injured, and plays at a lesser level. That is not surprising.

Remember, Ben does not design the offense. A "5 yard pass 60 yards from the opponent's endzone" is on Haley, not Ben. It seems based on his completion rate, he is making the throws Haley is asking of him. No? That is not on Ben.

The problem to me is the concept behind the play calling. The short, repeated meaningless passes (and 2 yard runs up the middle) miles away from the endzone might net some clock time, but Haley's offense cannot seem to get into the endzone to score 7. Usually a field goal. The opponent drives down the field for 7. Rinse and repeat. Ben is then asked to make game winning throws on a final drive to win the game. Due to pressure he makes mistakes. Human nature. The problem is we expect Ben to win every time the network flashes his game winning drive stats. We are brainwashed.

I also think Ben is not anywhere near one hundred percent. He is missing throws he should make. If you look at his turnovers, most are in the closing minutes of the game when he is forced to throw under pressure running plays they have no experience running throughout the other 56 minutes of the game. Honestly, I think Arian's offense was better suited for that situation.

If you look at the stats, the don't lie. If you want to delve into them, I think I provided a solid layman's analysis of them. On a broader scale, the team suffers from the lack of key plays at key times. first and second quarter plays mean nothing when they end up losing to teams by 3 points they should be soundly beating. That is not on Ben, he is making the throws. Like I said, that is on Haley. And Ben has had similar numbers under Arians. So, under two OC's Ben has been a league leader. That is impressive on a personal level for him.

This season is not on BR, that is for sure.

Originally Posted by plenewken View Post
OK, I stand corrected. I give you meaningless accuracy then, and you give me meaningful accuracy, I mean, when and where accuracy matters.
A 5yd pass completed 60 yards from the opponent's end zone means sh*t to me. An INT in the first 2mn of a game means sh*t to me compared to an INT when the game is on the line.

What I look at is nb of passing TDs and Ben has 23 for the season vs. 39 for Brees, 35 for Rodgers, 34 for Manning and 31 for Brady. I don't have time to look at previous seasons but I'm 100% certain he's behind the same guys.

Is Ben a scoring machine? Nope.
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