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Default Re: Madden: Ben's at fault, but he's not the only one

Originally Posted by plenewken View Post
No, I'm not a fan of Ben nor of any Steeler for that matter, I'm a Steelers fan. I'm way past the age to identify myself with a player.

Someone just posted an interesting statistic debunking the idea that Ben has less time that the other top QBs to throw the ball or avoid a sack. You should read it.
So you cherry pick the stats you want to believe in. Interesting, Never understood the not a fan of players. The current roster IS the Steelers, all you root for is the LOGO then. Hey I understand not liking some current players, but as long as they wear B&G I will be a fan of them on the field. When Porter, Woodson, Hope, Washington , and others have left, I could care less how they do. The same with Ben, when he goes I will not keep up with him, but to down him at every opportunity and lessen his role in the Steelers success is not right. All I hear is Defense won all those SB's, even his 2nd yr when he became the youngest QB of a SB winning team, his play in the three playoff games preceding the SB were as good as any in the history of the Steelers. And while JH made a history making play in the Arizona SB Ben had to lead a 4th quarter comeback after the defense gave up a two score lead. So hate him, dislike him, have your opinion, but do not expect all of us to agree with it.
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