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Default Re: Tomlin Getting Bad Rap

Originally Posted by Blackout View Post
I wouldn't fire Tomlin over one bad season, a few more consecutive ones then we'll talk.

Hate to be in his shoes right now, especially in a meeting with the Rooneys. He's gotta have the worst gig in the NFL to meet fan and owner expectations.

I have no issues with the draft picks, I think Colbert has done an excellent job IMO. But Tomlin is a player's coach, not someone you see giving discipline out to the vets.

We'll see what happens next season.
gotta disagree. tomlin walked intio the best situation in football. stable organization, loaded with talent, best DC in football, great drafting organization, rooney rule, dont go thru HC willy nilly, huge fanbase, sold out stadiums forever. short of publicly humilating the rooney family, tomlins joib will be safe for numerous years even if he continues to take us down the crapper like he has been.
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