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Default Re: Tomlin Getting Bad Rap

Originally Posted by casteeler View Post
He has lost the respect of the locker room. This team has been on a downward spiral and Tomlin hasn't had the answer even with a hell of a talented roster.Every team has a bad year but this started a while ago
Are you Steelers player? Do you have inside access to the locker room? What do you base your wild accusations on? Is it just your demented beliefs about this coach?

And a downward spiral? when have we started a downward spiral? we are one year removed from a 12-4 season, did said downward spiral started then?

Is Tomlin perfect? not all, he had made some head scratching decisions this year, but that does not make him a bad coach, it just makes him human.

Tomlin has had a losing season during his first 6 years (this year has not finished yet. but i believe we will beat the browns.) has only missed the playoffs twice, and has had 3 12-4 seasons to boot. Oh yeah, he also won a super bowl and also took us to another one. he has a .625 winning percentage as a coach, but we are in a downward spiral?

He also has drafted well. Wallace, Bown, Sanders, Heyward, Gilbert, Allen, Pouncey, Worilds, Dwyer, Lewis, Woodley, ETC. Sure he has drafted some busts in the early rounds, but look at any other coaches' draft, and you will see busts all over the place.
(I did not put anybody on this years draft because it is too early to tell really.)

To say that Tomlin is not a good coach, not back it up with any facts or, hell, even valid opinions, is just plain dumb.
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