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Default Re: Big Ben Comebacks

Ben wasn't handcuffed at all buddy. Some of you people dig deep and still cone up with pathetic excuses as.yo why your god couldn't put up more than 6 points against an average team.

Ben can't hit anyone in stride, he's too stupid to read defenses, his ability to properly throw the ball when a WR makes his cut to create seperation from a DB is at a minimal. Yesterday's game Ben wouldn't even wait 2 seconds.before scrambling to play backyard football. And it wasn't because he was under pressure. It was because he either lacks confidence in threading the needle or he is too dumb to process what's going on and can't hit a receiver unless he's wide open. The first half of the season I was snappy with Ben's transformation cause he was starting to show everything I thought he was incapable of doing. But starting the week before the Giants game I noticed Ben was changing back to his old tendencies. Forcing th ball, holding. on to the ball, ditching the quick passes, and making bad decisions. I think Ben's play of the second half of the season was 30% of why we failed this season. I honestly think that Batch would have had more productive game than Ben yesterday. Ben surely work on the mental aspects of the game because In A season or two his physical magic will be gone. Benhas had some memorable clutch moments throughout his career but he has many more failures than victories. I don't have faith in Ben anymore, and I haven't for 4 seAsons when it cones down to him scoring on a last minute drive. Out team has way to much talent for us to be losing games by 6 points or less 3 times a season every season. Especially against the bottom feeder teams that We should be putting away before halftime. Tomlin needs to get his fucking shit together and get this team polished up again. The league don't fear us, and they haven't since 2007/08. It's been said here a thousand times but it is absolutely 100% true. Tomlin was handed the best team in the NFL and every season we are doing worst and worst. The ONLY thing keeping this team competitive is Dick Lebeaus defense. I am praying and you all should be too that this legend does not retire or leave our organization. Once our defense becomes average or less than average we will be a perennial .500 team at best until we have a competent head coach, or a non selfish true team player QB that is cerebral enough to read defenses and release the ball the moment the receiver is breaking so the receiver can catch in stride and maximize the yardage every play. Bens inability to read defenses and release the ball correctly is the reason why our o line is consistently rattled with injuries. Play after play of extended blocking and consistently switching directions to keep up with and protect Ben, results in tired, and physically and mentally stressed men that dramatically raises the risk of injury and poor o line play that can't even open holes for a RB. As exciting as Ben is to watch and as much grit Ben has that makes him a true tough steeler that we all love, I strongly feel Bens hurting the team as much as he helps it. in order for Ben to stay competitive and not fade out into retirement he Really has to work on his mental aspects of being a quarterback in the NFL. Maybe when Peyton is done playing in the superbowl this year, Ben can spend the off-season learning with greatness to see if some of that motivation and discipline rubs off into Ben and helps make him a better qb for the last third of Ben's career.
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