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Default Re: Madden: Ben's at fault, but he's not the only one

Originally Posted by kwpit79 View Post
That's the issue. One has to realize that even if he's not a top 3 QB he's a top 6 QB for sure. There are at least 20 teams who would kill to have him as their QB.

Let's say we want to improve the QB position. What are the odds of us getting a top 5 QB in the draft the next few years, even spending a first round pick on one? HIGHLY UNLIKELY. And then we'd be waisting draft resources trying to slightly improve one position when we hvae glaring needs on many other positions.

I would wager every team would take the above over Ben


three more that you could argue teams would take over Ben


maybe a few but I wouldn't.

I put Ben as a for sure top 15 QB with potential for top 5 if he would work harder at his craft. He needs to work within an offense. Prepare better and please go to the gym and actually try to make your body stronger and more fit. You'd think he'd hit the weights and try to improve those girly arms of his. That right there bothers me to no end. It proves to me he has no desire to make himself the best he can be. He gets by with God given talent. Imagine if he was to hit the gym like say Luck or heck even Brady does? Maybe watch some tape and take what the D gives him? He could be pretty damn impressive.

You see guys like Luck and RG3 come into the league looking buff and just know they work their butt off in the gym to be as fit as possible. You see guys like Brady and Manning with that never ending desire to win the mental game through film study and reps on the field. You see guys like Wilson and Brees work so hard to overcome their physical limitations and make themselves champions. I just don't see the same passion from Ben. Sure he is a big tough guy who is hard to bring down and who has great footwork and inate pocket presence. But that is what comes natural to him. I want to see him develop what doesn't come natural. A better deep ball, better leadership, hitting receivers in stride, audibles. He is getting long in the tooth for him to suddenly get it. I don't have much hope. Maybe though.
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