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Default Re: Next week's "Wallce and Mendy pack their sh!7" bowl

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
I'm on the fence about the team's bringing back Mendenhall. That one could easily go either way - i'd probably lean toward the team letting him go if i had to guess.

As for Wallace : won't be back. Gone.
Ranking receivers doesn't matter a bit. Plenty of teams throughout the NFL spend recklessly : and they will continue to do so. He'll have NO problem getting a big contract, a bigger one than he'd ever get here.
Whether he's not the perfect fit here, or whether Haley's system doesn't cater to him to the utmost degree - we can all argue that til the cows come home.
Bottom line : its not a great fit and we now have TONS - and tons - and tons of money we need to spend elsewhere.
That's a really good point. No matter what ppl think of Wallace, and even if the team wants to keep him, they haven't been know to keep a lot of highly paid WR's together for long.
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