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Default Re: A Bit Confused Over The Hate

Every team has to go through what we are about to go through. Aging players, bloated salaries, selfish players. It's the hangover from having a SB contender for years. Steelers usually are able to replenish and reload much quicker than most teams though.

Harrison, Hampton, Clark, Troy, Foote are all starters but on down side of their careers talent wise and production wise. Most likely Hampton and Foote need to be replaced. Do we have their replacements? McClendon looks promising, maybe T'Amu. Spence? Silvestor? Shouldn't Silvestor have taken it by now? Not a comforting thought. Who is pushing Troy or Clark? Anyone half the CB Ike is? Some here think so, I see some promise in Allen, but hot garbage everywhere else.

If DeCastro can be the stud we believe he can be, if Adams gets stronger and uses better technique and becomes above average starter, if Sanders can step up his game and take over for Wallace who is sure to leave...AND...we are able to draft at least one pro bowl player, whether a CB, RB, LT, LG, LB...I don't care which..then we have a decent shot at rebounding. A lot has to go right.
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