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Default Re: Big Ben Comebacks

Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post
Only thing I wish for is that Ben grows up, genuinely takes responsibility, studies and practices his butt off to go to his next skill level. I wish that Manning wins the super bowl this year, and I wish that mike tomlin gains a set of balls, loses his heart and makes ruthless but necessary decisions to improve the team. I hope tomlin pushes all of our men so we don't give away 4 easy win games next season. I wish that we dominate average and sub average teams like a great team is supposed to. I wish that board members like you cab read criticism for once and accept that the majority of it is true, and not try to attack the poster cause he or she ain't a blind fan boy who can't admit that our team, is on the downside and changes must be made now before our team is in a full recession that will take a full decade of 8-8 seasons to recover from.

I also with you a merry X-Mas. Enjoy watching the Ravens in the playoffs again this seAson and not us, cause our team can't do wrong and are 100% perfect, starting from the grounds crew and all the way up to ownership.
Sorry, but a few bad throws don't make Ben the problem with this team, no matter how badly you want him to be the problem.
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