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Originally Posted by defence View Post
Does he consistently produce??
Yes. I have provided the stats in multiple threads. But you may have missed them so I will post them here for you.

19 carries for 92 yards with a 4.8 avg and a long of 22.
17 carries for 121 yards with a 7.1 avg and a long of 32 (playoff game).
26 carries for 146 yards with a 5.6 avg and a long of 28.

So he is 3 for 3 with good games as a "feature" back. Including being able to get a splash play in each. He is our best blocking black, can catch out of the backfield and is a menace in short yardage situations which also makes him a menace at the goalline. He wears down defenses and never goes down on the first tackle. I am not sure I remember a back with more fight than this guy has. And looking at the numbers above his best game was a playoff game, so we know he can do it on the big stage.

Some may wonder why I say 17 carries. Earlier in the season some analyst pointed out how when Ray Rice had 17 or more carries the Ravens won and when less they lost. So I looked at one of the best backs in the league and one from our division which is who we have to compete with most to come up with that number. Keeping that in mind, we won 2 of the 3 games when Redman had 17 or more carries as well. And lets be honest, the one loss was on the defense in OT vs the Broncos.
If you want more reason to consider 17 or more carries go look at the league leading backs. The top 8 runners in the league average 17 or more carries per game.

So there is very clear evidence here that when Redman is given the same amount of carries as the best runners in the league he produces at a level they do. Can he do it consistently? We don't know because he hasn't been given the chance.

All I know is Mendy is all we have there in terms of talent and everyone wants him gone.
Lol. Mendy is a bum. He has a great physical skillset he rarely puts to use. He doesn't run hard and fumbles in big games.
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