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Default Re: A Bit Confused Over The Hate

Originally Posted by Darkstorm05 View Post
The entire second half of the season the forum was swamped with people saying the Steelers don't deserve a playoff spot, or even that they don't want the Steelers in the playoffs. Now that we're eliminated, these people have their wish, yet they aren't happy. Instead they're mostly on here attacking fans who preferred to cheer for the team to win.

I don't really understand this mentality. You got the record you hoped for this season. Shouldn't you be celebrating this, since it's what you professed to want? Instead, just more bitching, but now aiming the hate at other fans.
I think you're confused. Major league, bigtime, confused.

Just because the Steelers didn't deserve a playoff spot doesn't mean that we weren't hoping that they'd sneak in anyway. And accepting reality, analyzing weaknesses and suggesting changes isn't hate. Some of us actually watch the games and think hard about what we're seeing.

And hate isn't the same thing as having a different opinion than yours.

And who's "attacking fans" anyway? The fans didn't botch this season.

You're in La-La land buddy.
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