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Default Re: Madden: Ben's at fault, but he's not the only one

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
I think this year proved that Ben is a questionable leader and likely still doesn't take his job seriously as he should. I think the issue with the offense isn't merely OC, he's just as much a part of the problem with the Offense as everyone else is.

We called for better playcalling, and more no-huddle, and we were rewarded with a Pick 6 that ultimately lost the game, then from here on out he was terrible. It was profoundly unbelieveable how awful he was yesterday in a must-win game. Just play decently and we're alright, but he was so ill-prepared and unable to do anything.

It's quite apparent that Ben is way too lazy to build an offense around, when he still wants to do the sandlot bullshit. He's a good QB, but he's not in Brady-Manning-Brees-Rodgers territory. Guys who aspire to be the best week in and week out and are their own OC's. Ben seems to be satisfied being "good enough". He has bad chemistry with his WR's, and 8 years in the league and this guy is still stuck on looking down at his wrist for what play to run next. He doesn't take command of the Offense and has questionable situational field awareness. On that disaster in the Red Zone, Ben could've run for the first down or even a TD, but his greediness and bad decision making paid off for the worst as he threw a knuckleball in an attempt to pad his statistics.

I believe it's time to say goodbye to this "Let Ben be Ben" garbage and go back to 2004/2005, or better yet what worked earlier this year. Let the guy manage the game and rebuild a running game. Ben's not the kind of QB to build an offense around when
Ah the stupidity continues.....

You don't dump the 2x super bowl winning QB for the OC who hasn't won anything in his career.

You yinzers must be really happy, you get to blame Ben for the bad game that eliminated the Steelers for the playoffs. Guess what, a few bad throws don't mean he's the problem with the team. I believe it's time Art Rooney stops pretending he knows about football and lets the football people handle it. I also believe dumb yinzers need to remember what happened after they chased Bradshaw out of town.
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